Turn on Email Auto-Reply and Auto-Forwarding (starting May 24, 2024)

Your Yale email account will be deactivated in June 2025. However, you should turn on auto-reply and auto-forwarding in May 2024 to ease the transition away from your Yale email address. Please note that both auto-replies and auto-forwarding will stop working when your account is deactivated in June 2025.


Auto-Reply automatically sends a message to anyone who sends you an email. This feature can be used to inform people of your new email address. You can also customize this feature to avoid auto-replying to marketing and spam emails.

EliApps (Google) instructions | Microsoft O365 instructions

Email Forwarding

Email Forwarding automatically redirects all messages sent to your Yale account to another account. This can be used to make sure you don’t miss mail sent to your Yale account for the next year.

EliApps (Google) instructions | Microsoft O365 instructions