Student Resources

Accounts & Access Changes for 2020 Grads

After you graduate from Yale, your access to accounts at Yale will change. Action is recommended to ensure that your data and account information are preserved during the transition. Several opportunities for free or discounted personal accounts will also be available to you in the first few months afer graduation. To learn more about the changes that will take place and how you can prepare for them, visit the Graduating Students page. If you need help navigating this process, we can help!

COVID-19 Remote Work Update

In accordance with university COVID-19 measures, all physical service points for student support are closed until further notice. We will continue providing support services remotely; updated information about remote support services is available at

All students who have loaner laptops or media equipment currently checked out will receive a communication soon to coordinate returns; all late fees have been suspended. Please note that if this equipment is damaged or lost before it is returned, repair and replacement fees may be assessed.

Upcoming Email Deactivation for 2019 Grads

Students who graduated in May 2019 or earlier will lose access to their Yale email accounts on June 23, 2020. Please check these steps to ensure that your data has been saved and you are preared for your email to be deactivated.

Thank You To Our Seniors!

The Yale College Class of 2020 has had an interesting final semester, to say the least. Despite sudden difficult changes to their academic, social, and living situations, the seniors of the Student Technology Collaborative have worked tirelessly to ensure that their classmates were supported through this transition. With admirable flexibility, resourcefulness, and poise, our seniors took the front lines to create new documentation, run new remote student support services, and help hundreds of students with the conversion to online learning. They also lead committees to train their STC peers on new remote learning information, publicized changes to the community via social media, and even maintained a fun and supportive remote workplace culture with events, games, and book clubs. We are awed and indebted to the work of this senior class…you will be sorely missed!