Support & Repairs

Students are encouraged to utilize one of the following support types, as needed. We have re-opened for full-service hardware repair – visit the Student Technology Support Center for both quick questions and hardware repairs that require an intake.

Support Type

Description and Links


Walk-In Center

Visit the Student Technology Support Center located in the Thain Cafe of Bass Library!

12pm - 6pm daily

Browse FAQs with STC on Facebook

Browse FAQs and ask questions on Facebook, but please don’t share sensitive information on social media!

Note: if you are locked out of your netID account, you will need to call the ITS Help Desk. 


Live Chat/Call IT Help Desk

Contact the IT Help Desk to receive live phone or chat support if you are unable to contact a student technician or find answers to your questions.


Submit A Ticket

(Requires CAS Log-In)

Submit a ticket for tech support if live chat support is unavailable or if you need additional support. A technician will contact you as soon as possible.