Graduating Students May 2024

This information is accurate for Yale College and Yale Graduate School students graduating in May 2024. Students who graduated in December 2023 can find more information here.

After you graduate, your access to Yale accounts and information will change. Take the following steps to prepare for these changes and preserve your data.

Action Required

Take these steps to preserve your data and accounts. After the date listed, you will not be able to access these accounts.

Return Borrowed Equipment (due May 19, 2024)

Media Equipment and Loaner Laptops

If you are returning equipment to any of the following locations, you are required to return that equipment by the due date indicated on your reservation.

  • Bass Media Equipment Checkout (BMEC)
  • Yale School of Art Equipment Loan Office (ELO) 
  • Yale College Dean’s Office (YCDO)

If you are returning a loaner laptop provided by the Student Technology Collaborative (STC) during the duration of your repair, please follow the instructions provided by your technician and adhere to the due date given.

Please do not return this equipment via outdoor book drops. Students are responsible for ensuring that borrowed equipment is not lost or broken as long as it is in their care. Equipment that is returned after the due date on your reservation, damaged, or lost will incur a fine.


Local students may return their books to the Sterling and Bass Libraries’ during normal business hours. Students can also use the outdoor book drops, which are being emptied Monday thru Friday.

Transfer Ownership of Club Files & Accounts (before Jun 1, 2024)

Take stock of any files, accounts, and email lists you own on behalf of Yale clubs and organizations. You will need to transfer ownership to a continuing Yale student before your own accounts are deactivated. Please note that transferring ownership is different from simply sharing a document. 

Migrate files stored on Box  (before Oct 1, 2024) [Box is being decommissioned]

Back up any files saved in Box before your account is deactivated in October. You may choose to convert your 50GB Yale Box account into a personal account to keep for life.

Set Address to Receive 2023 W-2 Tax Forms (before November 30, 2024)

Ensure that your contact information is correct in Yale’s systems to receive your 2023 W-2 form. Update your correct email or mailing address by November 30, 2024 for receipt of your W-2 form in January 2024.

Update your information in the Yale Hub  |  Update your information in Workday

Save and Migrate Email and Calendar (before June 2025)

Your Yale NetID and email account will be deactivated by June 2025, but you should begin preserving your account data long before then. You have several options to download your data or migrate it to a different email account. 

Once you have migrated your data, we strongly recommend that you open it in its new location to confirm the process has been successful. Please note that for large accounts, the download and migration process can take up to one week to complete.

When you no longer have an affiliation with Yale, your account will be locked (when the grace period ends) and will retain a license for 30 days. Once that 30 days is up, if the account remains without a license, all Microsoft 365 data will be permanently deleted. Please note that the data will be unrecoverable. 

Action Recommended

These steps will help make your transition away from Yale accounts easier, but they are not required.

Complete Timeline of Access Changes

The following changes will occur over the next year. You will be notified when specific due dates are approaching. Note that some Yale accounts will remain active indefinitely.

February/March 2024
Set up alumni email account (5GB limit)
May 2024

Enable email auto-reply and auto-forwarding

Return media equipment and laptops

Library borrowing privileges removed

June 2024

Transfer ownership of club files and accounts

Adobe Creative Cloud access removed

IPTV access removed

Software Library access removed

OrgSync student view access removed

July 2024
Yale Facebook access removed
October 2024

Box access removed; deadline for free personal account

VPN access removed

Access to online library resources removed

Set up access to alumni library resources

November 2024
Update address to receive W-2 form
June 2025

Email account deactivated and netID locked; deadline to migrate emails, calendar, files

Access to Workday removed