Save and Migrate Email and Calendar (before June 2025)

Your Yale email account will be deactivated by June 2025, but you should begin preserving your account data long before then. Once deactivated, you will no longer have access to the email, files and calendars stored in your account.

When you no longer have an affiliation with Yale, your account will be locked (when the grace period ends) and will retain a license for 30 days. Once that 30 days is up, if the account remains without a license, all Microsoft 365 data will be permanently deleted. Please note that the data will be unrecoverable. 

Once you have followed the instructions below, we strongly recommend that you open your email, Drive files, and other important information in their new location to confirm the process has been successful. Please note that for large accounts, the download and migration process can take up to one week to complete.

Instructions for Students with EliApps Accounts (Google)

Instructions for Students with Office 365 Accounts (Microsoft)