Set Up Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Some of Yale’s digital resources are only available while connected to YaleSecure wifi on campus. If you are away from campus, you can obtain access to these resources by connecting to Yale’s Virtual Private Network, or VPN. 

Installing VPN

Follow these instructions to download VPN on your device:


How To Use VPN

Once installed, you can connect to VPN at any time using these instructions:

  • Launch the Cisco AnyConnect application
  • Enter the Connect-To (server) address:
    • If the address field has been changed or is blank, manually type the server name and select Enter
  • Enter your NetID and Password
  • Second Password is used for DUO MFA authentication. Follow the instructions in the Cisco AnyConnect window to authenticate with DUO via push, SMS, phone, or a passcode
    • Approve in DUO for ‘push’, answer the call and press 1# for ‘phone’ or enter ‘SMS’ code from DUO
  • You will then be connected to the VPN
  • When you are finished accessing resources via VPN, simply quit the Cisco AnyConnect application to end your session.


When To Use VPN

Please note that VPN should only be used when accessing Yale applications that require it; VPN is not required or recommended to access Canvas, Zoom, or email. Most students will only need to use VPN when accessing Library Resources, using MyApps Virtual Desktop, and remoting in to Yale computer labs.