Set Up Your Alumni Life-Long Email Account

The Yale Alumni Association provides every alumni a free GSuite email account through the YaleMail service. These accounts offer alumni a life-long email address with the same functionality of a student EliApps account. You can use your YaleMail account however you like: store all of the email and files from your student EliApps account, link to other Gmail accounts, auto-forward to another email address, or use it as a standalone account. 

Recommended Action

Set up your YaleMail Alumni Email Account: May 2022 graduates received an email from the Yale Alumni Association in January with information on how to set up a YaleMail account. You can find more information on setting up your YaleMail account on the YaleMail Help page.

Migrate your student email account and files: You will lose access to your student email account in June 2023. You may migrate your email, calendar, and files to any account of your choice, including to your YaleMail alumni email account. Learn more about backing up and migrating your email here.