Migrate Adobe Creative Cloud Files (before June 2024) [discount available!]

You will lose access to your Yale Adobe Creative Cloud account by June 2024. After backing up your Creative Cloud files to a free limited accountm, you can choose to purchase a discounted individual Creative Cloud license.

Migrate Creative Cloud Files & Assets

To maintain access to your Creative Cloud files, assets, and web portfolios, you’ll need to migrate your Yale Creative Cloud account to a personal account. You must first migrate to a Creative Cloud Free membership account which includes trial versions of most of Adobe’s creative apps. Once your account is migrated, you may choose to upgrade your account. For instructions on migrating your account, visit graduation.adobe.com.

Discounted Offer for Graduating Students

Students are eligible for a 40% discount on Creative Cloud individual licenses ($29.99/month) for the first year after graduation. This license grants access to all the apps available in Yale’s Creative Cloud accounts. To use your 40% discount, visit this link.

Note that you will need to migrate your Yale Creative Cloud to a free membership account first, then return to this page to upgrade your free account to the discounted Creative Cloud All Apps license.