Job Opportunities

The next STC hiring cycle will begin in August 2024 – check back here for the application!
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Working for STC

For more than 20 years, Yale Information Technology Services (ITS) and the Student Technology Collaborative (STC) have been committed to providing jobs for Yale students that develop technical skills, give valuable work experience, and foster a community of students who are dedicated to providing technology help on campus. 

General perks include: very flexible hours, paid technical training, social events, and being part of a diverse community of 150+ student workers.

There are three roles available through STC: Student Tech, Cluster Tech, and Media Tech.

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An applicant must be:

  1. A current Yale student enrolled in classes,
  2. Graduating in December 2025 or later, and
  3. Able to work for at least the upcoming spring 2025 and fall 2025 semesters.

You do NOT have to major in a particular subject or belong to a particular department to work for STC. 

Training and Previous Experience

Newly hired STC employees must attend a mandatory orientation session the week of October 25, 2024. Techs will then continue weekly training throughout the fall semester, and employees will not be completely independent until the spring semester. All hours spent in training will be paid. All STC employees, both new and experienced, attend mandatory day-long training sessions at the beginning of every semester. 

Previous experience (specifically technical experience) is NOT required to apply for the Student Tech, Cluster Tech, and Media Tech roles. Applicants must demonstrate substantial interest in learning the skills required for each role.

Available Roles

Student Tech

Student Techs (STs) provide a wide array of personal technology support for all undergraduate students and graduate students, as well as some professional school students. Services include individual student computer support and providing walk-in support at the Technology Support Center.

Job Duties

  1. Provide general technology support for all members of the Yale community.
  2. Staff our Technology Support Center where students can get in-person help with their technology issues.
  3. Staff our internal hardware office where personal computers and loaner laptops are repaired and refurbished.
  4. Manage and resolve help requests submitted by students.


  1. Learn how to fix computers! 
  2. Earn ACMT certification through Apple to service in-warranty Mac computers.
  3. Flexibility in choosing which niches of hardware repair/software support to become an expert in.

Training and Hours

  1. New STs will attend in-person training sessions and complete online self-paced training, totalling 6-8 hours per week through the end of the fall semester.
  2. New ST training includes shadowing experienced STs to gain additional experience before working independently. 
  3. After the initial semester of training, STs work, on average, 8-10 hours per week. 
  4. STs are assigned to a specific college or graduate/professional school student population and are required to manage specific help requests from their assigned queue. This entails communicating with clients via email and/or phone.

Cluster Tech

Cluster Techs support and maintain cluster computers and printers on campus, including ones in residential college clusters, library clusters, and other departmental clusters.

Job Duties

  1. Staff the computer clusters located in and assistance students with printing as needed.
  2. Maintain the a set number of cluster computers and printers during shift rounds. 
  3. Work with the STC Cluster Operations staff to repair cluster machines, resolve issues with cluster software and replace cluster peripherals.


  1. Travel to many different on-campus locations while on the job.
  2. Learn computer hardware basics!
  3. Opportunity to work with full-time ITS endpoint engineers.

Training and Hours

  1. Individuals hired as Cluster Techs are expected to attend a mandatory daylong training session in October 2024 and additional training sessions/shadow shifts during the fall semester.
  2. After training, Cluster Techs are expected to work a mimimum of 8 hours per week.

Media Tech

The main goal of the Media Tech program is to serve the media technology needs of Yale’s student population through providing not only hardware, but also best practices and advising. To do that, the Techs themselves recieve training in many aspects of production, depending on their role within the program.

The Media Tech role is split into three tracks. In 212 York, students staff a call-in A/V support center that services classroom media issues. In the Equipment  track, students staff the equipment checkout counter at the School of Art, as well as perform maintenance on the stock of equipment at Bass Media Equipment Checkout. In STC Studios, students work on graphic design requests from members the general Yale community. Applicants to the Media Tech umbrella position will select which track to apply to on the application.

Job Duties

212 York:

  1. Receive calls at Yale’s A/V call-in center
  2. Support full-time A/V specialists in keeping classrooms operational
  3. Provide after-hour media support to classes


  1. Staff equipment checkout counters across campus
  2. Provide assistance and training on media technology usage
  3. Share knowledge and experience with Yale community


  1. Design logos, posters, and other graphic material for various student needs
  2. Recieve training and disseminate knowledge in Photoshop, Figma, and Illustrator


212 York:

Acquire A/V knowledge that can be used in classrooms and event setup.


Learn how to use all of the equipment offered at the equipment loan centers (e.g. DSLR cameras, lighting kits, zoom recorders, etc.). Contribute to focus groups around our centers and the equipment we provide. 


Become well-versed in Photoshop, Figma, Illustrator, and fundamental design principles.

Training and Hours

  1. Training varies depending on department, from an average of one hour a week for the first semester to four hours a week for the first year.
  2. MTs are required to sign up for shadow shifts following the completion of the training specific to the track that they chose.
  3. MTs generally work between 8-12 hours per week.