Return Borrowed Equipment

Media Equipment and Loaner Laptops: Students who have checked out media equipment or loaner laptops should start a chat with STC to return this equipment. If you have not received instructions that say otherwise, your equipment is due May 20, 2021. Please do not return this equipment via outdoor bookdrops. Students are responsible for ensuring that borrowed equipment is not lost or broken as long as it is in their care. Equipment that is returned after the due date on your reservation, damaged, or lost will incur a fine. Please note that you may receive an email regarding a late fee, even after returning your device by the stated due date on your reservation. This is due to our equipment quaratine period, and will be removed after our intake process is complete. 

Books: Until staff are able to return to campus, the Library encourages students to hold onto their books and will be waiving any and all fines. All material should have been renewed until September. Local students may return their books to the Sterling and Bass Libraries’ outdoor bookdrops, which are being emptied Monday thru Friday. The Library will provide further instruction once campus reopens.