Meet the Management

The Student Technology Collaborative is run by a set of full-time managers. Read more about them below:

Laurel German

Student Technology Program Manager

Laurel German started her STC career as a student Media Tech, and she is honored to now be managing the STC organization. She works to continuously improve the technology resources and support available to students at Yale. She is a proud alumna and Fellow of Timothy Dwight College, loves Pixar movies, and teaches dance in her spare time. Contact her at

Xinyuan Chen

Media Tech Manager

Xinyuan Chen is the program manager for the Media Tech Program, including the checkout at Bass Media, the CCAM, and the Art School. He manages the Media Techs, around 40 undergraduate students who staff those centers, as well as provide graphic design support across campus. He is an extremely proud Jonathan Edwards graduate and once interviewed the Dean of Yale College for his radio show. Contact him at

Annabelle Halliday

Cluster Tech Manager

Annabelle Halliday is the program manager for the Cluster Tech Program, which maintains the majority of printers, scanners, and computers throughout campus. She handles all operations regarding public computing and printing, along with software issues on public machines  She’s born and raised in New Haven and loves to make skincare products in her free time. Contact her at

Andrew Powell

Student Tech Manager

Andrew Powell is the program manager for the Student Tech Program, which provides technology support and hardware repairs for students’ personal devices. He supervises 40-60 student techs, repairing anything from cracked screens to rice-filled laptops (it’s happened). He is a beaming alum of Grace Hopper, and once coached a high school track and field team. Contact him at

Oren Kanner

Application Development Technical Lead

Oren Kanner manages the ITS Application Development team and the Student Development & Mentorship Program (SDMP). Oren and his team develop and maintain custom applications used by students, staff, and faculty across Yale, including the Online Directory, Campus Map, Yale mobile app (iOS / Android), and dozens of others. He is a lapsed mechanical engineer and roboticist who came to Yale in 2010 for a PhD, then became a student developer and decided that software was way more fun than hardware. Fun fact - he and his wife Tanya have been married for over a decade. Contact him at

Rebecca Schneider

SDMP Program Manager

photo of Rebecca Schneider

Rebecca Schneider is the Program Manager for the Student Development and Mentorship Program. She is responsible for all operational aspects of SDMP, from keeping the lights on at the Dev cave to doing elaborate analysis of snack popularity metrics. Rebecca was born in Pittsburgh, and has worked everywhere from political ad production studios to software startups. She loves her husband Jon and her cat Sinky equally. Contact her at

Sarah Luckart

Assistant Manager

[photo coming soon]

Contact them at

Sharyn Phu

Assistant Manager

Sharyn Phu is a recent alumna of Trumbull who had previously worked as a student Media Tech. She loves dance, theater, travel, learning languages, and baking without a recipe. Contact her at